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Our range of products for the party market includes Customised Rosettes, printed sashes and Personalised party badges. The products we supply are suitable for many occasions and not just the more popular hen nights and birthday parties. We produce all the badges, rosettes and sashes in house, so we have total control over the quality. It also means that we can usually amend our production to fit in any last minute orders.

Hen Party Badges

When you order your custom hen party badges from us, you can rest assured that your ordered will be delivered as quickly as possible. We pride ourselves on our service. When you call us you will be speaking to someone with years of experience in producing customised products, ands who understands the process and also the need for a quick response. We are a family-run business and have been designing and manufacturing for the party market since the late 90s.. Our list of satisfied customers is large, impressive and growing, and includes lots of repeat customers as well as new ones trying us on the basis of recommendations from previous customers.

We are only too aware that parties can be meticulously planned months in advance and that the smaller items such as hen party badges can be overlooked until the last minute. It is the smaller items like hen party badges that contribute towards the success of the party as well as leaving a lasting memento of the evening. So if everyone has forgotten to order the badge then just give us a call. Even if it is the day before the event then we can usually help. Of course if you can give us a little more time then this is the best scenario for all of us and it give us the opportunity to email a mock-up of what the badge will look like as well so that amendments can be made, this .making the day a very special and memorable event.

Cheap personalised hen party badges are now a reality!

Everyone wants to have something that is individual and tailor-made to suit their event. We can all go to the local shop and buy a badge but this isn't where you would expect to be able to get your personalised hen party badges or birthday badges. These badges require additional input from yourselves to design and make your own individual hen party badge design to create the image and impression that you want to have associated with your event. So don't worry that you have to order large quantities - prier just one - or order all different ones for each of the guests. You can all look like you are part of the same party with a standard message, venue and date - but have one that identifies you with your own name as well.

Help with your design

Not everyone can visualise what design they want or how a design might look once produced. We realise this, so we offer a free design service and also offer to send a mock-up of any custom designed badge so that you can see for yourself the effect of the design and the chosen colours. You also choose your own wording such as the name of the Bride, and whilst doing this, why not add the date or the venue. This makes a perfect souvenir for each of the guest and of course for the Bride. To customise the badge even further then add the individual name or nickname of each of the party guests. Whether you choose a simple design or whether you choose just wording you can expect quick a quick delivery to any UK address. If you require, then we can also add a photo of the Bride to your badge or rosette but please make sure you have permission to use the photo and that it is a good quality image.

So maximise the impact on your party. Don't get a generic badge - but spend a little time on our web site and start to design your own selection of personalised hen party badges that you can use on your special day.

We have the web pages and ideas to make your customised hen party badges, rosettes, sashes and lanyards. We are proud to have supplied thousands of customers and repeat ones, and look forward to welcoming and helping all new ones with party wear and gifts for your special event or occasion.

So what are you waiting for - Visit our web sites now for your customised hen party badges, customised printed sashes and personalised rosettes - not forgetting wristbands and lanyards. Browse our site you will not be disappointed.

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